How I stay lean

So yesterday upon sharing a picture of me in a bikini on Instagram, I got asked how I stay ‘lean‘.
By lean, i assume what is meant, is how i am able to keep a low amount of body fat, so much that you can see my muscles.

Good question!

So, staying lean, for me, seems to run on intuition. By looking at my body, listening to how i feel, while eating and training in accordance to that, I keep myself in ‘shape’.

When I am hungry, I eat. When I am not hungry, but feel that I will get hungry soon, I eat. If I am really full, i will either stop eating or eat a little more (lol) depending on how i feel mentally, physically, and how my training has been going. I eat a lot because I know it is fuel for my muscles. But I also eat enough to make up for the NEAT (not exercise activity thermogenisis) I am doing or not doing. So if i am riding my bike or walking more than usual, I will feel the urge to eat sightly more to make up for that.

On the contrary, when I feel my calories are not being sufficiently burned, I.e. I feel a little larger, have accumulated more fat than i would like around my stomach, or feel sluggish and lacking in confidence because of this, i adjust to combat these things.

So, I will go more intense when i ride my bike, maybe add in a tiny bit of cardio to my weight lifting workouts, do a HIIT, and also, check out my diet. When I take a brief mental look over everything I have been eating, I know if there are things that either need to be cut back, or cut out temporarily depending on the situation. So for example, If i have eaten in various restaurants over the past few weeks and they haven’t been the healthiest (i.e, lots of oil and salt etc), then I will make sure I am more conscious of what i am buying if i go out again and maybe get something lighter. Conversely, I will just not go for a meal.
Similarly, If i have been eating something because at the time when I brought it, it was a nice idea, but then it only gets eaten slowly (like a chocolate bar or something I don’t know), and i know its high sugar and makes me feel kinda shitty when i eat it, then i will either throw the rest away, give the rest to someone else, and then obviously not buy it again any time soon. These are a few examples.

I have no set times of eating, or quantities of macro nutrients I stick to. I essentially, am the only one to make decisions about when and what I eat.

However, there are foods I stick to in my every day diet, which make up the bulk of what I eat. So, when it comes to meals, my carbs come from oats, rice, couscous, or wholemeal bread. Protein is mostly fish, chicken, lean mince, eggs, cottage cheese, beans and pea and rice protein powder, and my fat comes from, houmous, nuts, seeds and cheese. All of which are pure and wholesome (other than maybe the bread). I also eat various vegetables every night, and fruit before and after my workouts.

When I feel that i want to cut down a little with these foods, i will reduce the amount of oats i eat by around 5-10 grams. This is because carbohydrates, for me, provide the most energy, and seem to bulk me up the most, since my diet is more carb dominant. I therefore find that the small tweaks in the amount of carbs i eat, whether it be to cut down or gain more size, works out the best. I find it sustainable and maintainable to slowly cut down my consumption rather than cutting it down by a large amount all at once. This is because oats are essentially the only thing i weigh, which helps me to determine whether i am eating below, above or an average amount.

However I feel that what staying lean mostly comes down to, for me, is the snacks and things I am eating in between meals. Although I stick to wholesome foods, what  determines how lean I am is how MUCH i am eating, which like I say, comes down to how i am feeling, how my training is going, and what my goals are at the time.

But there are certain things which influence my food choices.

For example;

  • I stay away from low fat, fat free, sugar free stuff which contains chemicals as substitutes. This is because eating actual FOOD is important to me. In no way does a chemical ever benefit you.
  • I try to eat fruit before and after my workout, since they are high sugar. But still this isn’t strictly this way, it’s just the fast release carbs give me a surge of energy which i find is best utilised right before working out or after my muscles have been depleted.
  • I try not to eat too many processed sugars – such as cookies, cakes, sweets, chocolate bars, icing sugar, anything junk foody really. Because if i want sugar there are things like dried mango which i prefer. This doesn’t mean i don’t eat these things in small proportions or until they start making me feel shitty physically. But it’s rare you’ll see me eating this stuff nowadays
  • To stay lean I drink mostly only water, tea and coffee.
  • I don’t put sugar in hot drinks anymore
  • No fizzy, gassy drinks. On occasion – ok fine, but definitely not something i regularly consume
  • no alcohol – its high in calories, and makes my entire body feel weak. i like feeling strong!!

I also have to consider things which make me bloat. Too much yogurt, for example, has these effects on me. I drink apple cider vinegar with honey and lemon each morning to help my body detoxify and feel fresh again.

My leanness really does all come down to what I’m eating, and how much i feel i am either maintaining my body, trying to gain more muscle (by eating more than i feel i am burning), or cutting my carbs back slightly.

I lift weights 6 times a week too, which boosts my metabolism and means I am very much able to eat a lot and remain in a good physical shape. But as i have said, it all comes down to how i feel!

I understand, that for some, it isn’t as simple as that. I understand that some people don’t really know how they feel or know where to begin. But when it comes to intuitive eating, it’s really all just about listening to your body.

I hope this provides some kind of insight in to how I eat and how I maintain my physique, build muscle and keep healthy.

If you have any other questions I’d love to hear them so ask away!

Love and light

Louise x



The rain, the sun, the world

Something about the rain has been calming for me recently.

Even the smell of it seems to touch my senses (I used to hate the smell of rain.)

But something, just something, has made me feel kinda different today.

It feels fresh. It feels natural, pure, right.

It feels reviving. It’s cooling. It’s transpiring.

What in the world could have made me feel so different? I don’ think I have EVER felt this way about rain. I have always been a girl to moan and complain about rain.

I guess, wisdom is the answer. I know that too much of anything can get tiring.
Heat, for example. It gets exhausting. But the rain… it’s part of the cycle. If there were no rain, there would be no vegetation. Things would dry up. The water, we need it. Just like we need rain from time to time.

To wash over everything. To cool things down. To reset the air and refill the flowers and the plants with fresh, natural hydration.

We need rain so we can appreciate the sun again when it returns. You appreciate it that much more when it hasn’t been around. Because I can’t forget how astounding a thing the sun is, too.

The sun is a life force. Like water, like air. We need it to live, and to feel alive, to feel better again. The sun, it brings optimism. Warmth. Clarity.

What better can there be than looking up in to that vivid blue sky. So luminous, so beautiful, so clear. Nothing beats it. That calm mind.

But that doesn’t mean the rain doesn’t have it’s time and place. And as I’ve said, you kind of need it to see clear again. To renew the air and refresh the mind. It’s wisdom penetrating your skin as it pours. As it soaks you through. As it washes your tears away too.

It’s magical, this world. The seasons and all of it’s imperfections. Simplicity, yet vastly complex. How does it all work? This magnificent energy, the life force that moves everything. It grows the world as we speak. It’s ever changing yet the same as it always has been – magic. Yet not. Just plain simple love. Non-physical energy. Vibrations. Everything’s moving. Everything’s flowing. Everything’s growing.

Watch as it unfolds. Everything around you is happening for you, because of you.

This rain? It’s here, for me. I know it was meant to make me feel this way.


What does it mean to be inspired?

‘In spirt.’ Talking from the heart. Recognising how you feel, and allowing the words to pour exactly as they’re meant to. Allowing your spirit to take the lead. Being present in-spirit. Inspired. Inspiring.

What inspires you though? What causes the inspiration to exist?

Nothing ‘causes’ it to exist. It already exists inside everybody. What needs to come about is the willingness to be present with it. To listen. To watch. To learn. To experience the unfolding of spirit. Spirit is everywhere. Anything can initiate that ‘inspiration’. Inspiration is not a means to an end though, it is on going and you can find it anywhere, in anything. There are no limits, only the limits of your own mind.

We as humans like to complicate things. But sitting down and writing what comes to your head can act as a simple mechanism to fire up your inspirational side. Because you have thoughts. Hundreds and thousands of thoughts every single day, every single minute even. Putting them out there and seeing what comes up can amaze you. You don’t even realise the spirit inside of you until you let it free and allow yourself to become engulfed by it.

It makes me happy. It feels joyful in my heart when I think of inspiration, spirit, and the soul. The universe is in and around you, all day, all night. There is never a time when you are disconnected from it – literally. The only disconnect you feel is your own perception. You are your very own block. We get in our own way, by trying to control. But you can never control something so vast, so exceptional, so incredible, so amazing. Nothing can compare to source energy. The guidance, the love.

That’s why we have to get in touch with it daily. Allow words to flow. Allow thoughts to come up. Allow feelings to arise. They are all spirit. Although we are not our words, thoughts and feelings. We are so much more beyond that. But I think writing, talking and listening to your feelings gives you a glimpse of how aligned you are truly feeling. Because alignment doesn’t feel depressed, and unworthy, and anxious, and fearful. That is our ego. Our false perception of how life should be, or how we worry it will be. The spirit within us is only love, peace and clarity. It is an open door. A warm embrace. The candle that never dims.

Don’t dim your own candle.

Just flow

Every once in a while we get a little stuck. A little low. A little bit kinda confused.

But confusion… is just the complete and utter opposite of clarity.

Clarity, on the other hand, is like alignment, with God, with knowing, with FAITH.

But we walk on by anyway.

Have you ever been wondering around a beautiful field, the sun shining brightly, the heat so hot you can breathe it in.., you’re catching those rays. Soaking them up, sweating a little. There’s a slight breeze. Just enough to cool you to an extent.

I go to this place weekly, to get in touch with God. I aspire everyday to live from that place of faith, of knowing.

And as you walk around, your mind wonders freely too.

As long as you keep the phone out of your hand, you can be so present with the nature, yet so attentive to your thoughts. You can see them all passing through. You can observe them. Notice your negative thinking habits, and correct them on the spot. You can gain divine insights from source.


Inspiration shoots in to your mind.

Sometimes it leaks in. Sometimes it takes its time.

You get all sorts of ideas. Things you wanna do. And you wanna just take action straight away!!

But then you realise you have to leave the fields. You have to go back to the life you want to change. You go back to the routine which kind of seems to prevent you from doing the things you wanna do.

Because there never seems to be enough time!

Why is that? Because there is enough. I get 24 hours per day just like everyone else. It’s all in my mind it;s all in my mind. I know this.

But i just want my creativity to launch itself in to the sky like a fcking rocket! I want to literally live through my soul. I want to live from my heart. I want to move people in a way they’ve never been moved before. So unique, yet so…. clear. So simple. So pure. So authentic.

I just want it to feel like I have control.

I just want to see the time i have, and set myself things to do.

I want to get rid of all distractions in my life.

I wanna de-clutter my heart and my mind and my soul and my ROOM and my mind… so i can see clearly. I see clearly sometimes… but sometimes it gets so murky. Sometimes it’s cloudy out there in the fields.

The clouds always come back. They have to. Its the process of life, right?

Just flourish off of the unknown.

Just dive deep in to your heart and let it flow.

Forget about perfection… and expectations… because i swear, it is the killer of happiness and productivity

Amen, to that!









Thoughts… for you

I call on the creative energy of the universe to guide my thoughts… to show me what to say. To guide my words on this page. I want to speak with meaning. I want to show the world what i’m truly capable of.

I want to empower people… to find courage within themselves to do the things they dream of doing. I want to empower those who lack confidence… who dislike themselves… who feel unworthy of the change they are capable of making happen for themselves! But how, I ask? What do these people want to hear? What am i going to do, what am i going to say?

It’s all within you.

The answers to all of the questions are within you.

But what about books and other people and experiences and situations and downfalls which will help me find answers?

They come when the time is right. The situations you may find yourself in are all a part of you. They happen for you, because of you. They happen to enlighten you. To help you change. To inspire you. They were going to happen anyway. They are a part of your life in the future.

But the future doesn’t exist!

But the way your life is going to work out, does. It just isn’t here yet. You will find your way each step at a time. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it. Don’t fear and don’t feel put down by this because all that you need to know right now in THIS moment is available to you right now. Do what you can, with what you have, with the thoughts and the ideas you have, and the time you have, and the people you can serve, and do what you can. Do what you can. Don’t worry, about then. Think about now. What can you do right now to serve these people? How can you help? What can you put out there? What can you do?

It’s the small things. it doesn’t need to be major. But think of that girl that you wanna help. That past you. The one who didn’t know what you know now. The girl who in the future will know more than the girl now, but the girl now is the girl now so focus on that and work with what you have. You are always progressing. You are always learning always growing, for as long as you intend to learn and grow.

There are infinite possibilities within you. Appreciate that. See your potential right now. Notice how much you have already helped people, and carry on doing that. Do it for the bigger picture, not the short term gain. For everything will add up, exactly as it’s meant to, and in return for your efforts you will see the change you have helped create. You will see who listens, you will see who cares. You will help people see their own potential, and they will have learnt from you. You just gotta carry on. Document how you feel. Write it all down and share it, there is no limit to what you can truly feel.

For you are a thousand thoughts a second. Each one of which is necessary in it’s own right. And as you learn to take control of your own life, you’ll teach others how to do so too.

You will empower as you become empowered. You will grow as others grow too. You will help people see their strength, and in time you will learn how strong YOU are too!

Because you are as strong as you believe. As brave as you feel. As worthy as you allow yourself to be. And so don’t ever go for anything less than what you know of yourself. You are your own encyclopedia. You can learn what you choose, about yourself and about others, so that everyone can benefit from your knowledge.

It doesn’t need to be something special, it’s just showing up every day. It’s sharing what you can, and doing what you need to do to get that next piece of advice in to the world. It’s writing down your ideas, and allowing God to take over from there. Trust in the process of your life, and i promise you’re already half way there.

I love and appreciate all that i am, and i intend to share that love and appreciation with you. I want you to feel strong in YOUR own skin, so you never feel like you need outside approval of others to do so. Because that’s how i often feel. And it’s sad in a way, for all that i learn, the embedded habits and negative ways of thinking still don’t go away. But are they negative? Maybe they’re more just something for you to observe. A way to develop yourself. Something to learn. Because you needn’t bring yourself down because of the way you are right now. Because if you learn to overcome it, you can go further than what you realised was possible.

Let go of the attachment to others. Do what you want FOR YOU, not for them. They don’t care anyway. People who want approval don’t get it, its the ones who don’t care that approval comes naturally. So don’t care. Don’t worry. Let it go. Observe your intentions because i know there is so much more to you than what it seems and what you feel in the moment. You’re running on fear you’re running on dread. You’re not thinking about what you’re actually doing it for, you think you’re doing it for the approval! the acknowledgement. the acceptance.

So accept yourself! Accept and love yourself fully. move away from those who make you feel like you are below them, and STOP APOLOGISING FOR WHO YOU ARE. You are a work of art, a masterpiece, and if you carry on training hard FOR YOU, you will literally become a masterpiece. Because you can. It’s possible. But running on approval seeking will only ever make you feel depressed. it did for me. It makes me lose self respect, drive, motivation, PASSION, inspiration, determination, strength, personal ambition. Seek acceptance of you from you. Challenge yourself each time to do something you didnt think you could. Work every day on focusing purely on what you’re doing, rather than if they’re watching. Work hard in silence, when no one is watching. i promise your success will make you heard. Stay humble and stay on track with your path, for it is the only way… you cant stand in another persons path and expect them to focus on you. theyve got their own path. You gotta focus on yours. Reflect on why you’re doing it and what you wanna do. Set a goal for the day. smash it. do it for you. believe you can accomplish anything. You are a masterpiece.

an inspiration

an unfolding journey

a growth spurt in  action

a blooming flower.


Allow your petals to bloom, exactly how they’re meant to, when they’re meant to, because they’re meant to. Not because anyone tells you how to, or why to, or when to. Its all you. only you have control of your journey. Only you can do the things you wanna do. No one else can do it quite like you.

No one

only you.

Just write what comes to mind…

It’s day 4.

All I can think to talk about is being yourself online.

This world is crowded with beautiful faces, but so many of the faces are covered by masks – masks of ‘average’ – masks of just being okay enough to fit in. Masks to cover whats beneath. Masks to hide from themselves even!

That’s why showing your true face, by speaking what you feel and sharing with the world your TRUTH, and expressing yourself authentically, is something you should… do! I guess?

I mean why not? Why? Literally, is there a reason not to?

I get it, people might judge. People might laugh, make fun behind your back, find you weird. But are these people even being authentic and true to themselves? Or are they just wearing a mask too?

You’ve got to think from a perspective of doing it for YOU. Because you’re gonna develop yourself as you carry on practising and discovering more of who you truly are, and by sharing it online you can look back one day and see how much you’ve developed – mentally, physically, whatever the case may be.

I wanna speak my truth. I wanna find out more of what my truth is! That is why right now I am writing this blog. I want to speak from my heart and on to the keyboard, because my thoughts are valuable and they matter, regardless of whether or not anyone even reads this!

but I’m feeling kinda stuck right now about what I should write so i’m just gonna keep typing and see what happens. Okay so i am sat in my garden it is sunny and beautiful and warm and i just feel like maybe i will just post this regardless of the fact that it’s a load of ramble, but you know it’s like, this my space to write and share you get me? so why does it need to be sculpted in to something just to suit others. I mean this is quite a confusing topic in my head as it is because I’ve been sat here thinking like why am i trying to inspire people to talk freely online when what i wanna do is help people with fitness? i feel like my truth is barely linear and straight just fitness because i wanna help people become stronger and confident and fearless and open minded and able to do the things they wanna do – just like i wanna do for myself really! I have given myself a challenge of writing a blog for a week to see how it goes because i wanna improve my writing skills, and to do this i need discipline to just make myself sit down and do it because when i am writing and i feel kinda stuck for what to say it makes it incredibly difficult to know what to say which is why i’m just writing…..

OK great I just ended up procrastinating on my phone for the past 10 minutes. Damn i hate it when i do that. I do it to avoid things.When i feel mentally stuck. It’s a habit .  I barely even think about it when i do it, and even when the little voice inside my head calls me to put it down i carry on anyway and think “meh its okay i’ll get off in a minute”.

But then i don’t. For several minutes. See now I’m just going back to the whole topic of phone addiction and why? I don’t know because its present in my life!!

Anyway, as you can probably tel i’ve struggled quite a bit with todays blog. But what i have to remember, is the fact that i have still tried. I still showed up, and tomorrow is a new day for me to have another go! Our thoughts are endless, limitless. That’s why sharing them and writing them online has been a game changer for me.

Also when you judge another person it is an unhealed part of yourself. It is a reflection of you judging you. And so i just wanna apologise for ever judging people because it is not my truth, it is not productive it is not interesting it is not how i wanna be. and so i’m sorry. Each to their own!! Everyone in their own right is entitled to speak as they please. And so do i. i no longer allow myself to be limited by my wrong doings because i choose to forgive myself and move on.

Who’s moving on with me?


The way depression happens in my head

I’m a neurotic.

Okay no, look, I’m not literally just a neurotic and nothing more than it.

But, I did a personality test the other day and found that my levels of neuroticism are exceptionally high. It makes me very prone to high levels of anxiety and depression and just generally feelings of low mood.

I can totally, totally see this. I notice it everyday!

Anyone else feel like they are on a very very bumpy roller coaster of ups and downs in their life? That’s me. The depression and anxiety show up way more often than not. And it’s not necessarily that anything ‘bad’ has actually happened, but my tendency to have a very negative outlook on things make things all the more challenging to brush off.

I caught myself in mid thought earlier, thinking about something bad that’s going to happen. Nothing in particular, but just the sense in my mind that things have to go bad before they can be right and before I can have a good time. I literally feel myself going back down hill into another phase of depression. Every few days or so they come. My physiology changes. I start feeling very lethargic. I feel ill physically. I feel very apathetic towards going to the gym, and i start to dread the future – constantly trying to find something i can remotely look forward to.

I think that’s why I love food so much. I look forward to eating so much because it brings me joy. But you see, this joy is temporary. A better way of looking at it is that i appreciate food and am grateful for it. I love it when it’s time to eat. But is this a ‘bad’ way to be? Who knows. Who knows what you’re even meant to do when you know you are prone to anxiety and depression. A lot of us are! I guess what it comes down to, is how you deal with it, and how much you let it affect you and your life.

For me, this, I must admit, is very difficult. I literally don’t know how to just ‘block it out’, and nor do I want to! I definitely can see how these low times proceed better times, and personally, I appreciate feeling good all the more when the ups come back around.

But when it actually affect your relationships? I’m not so sure.

You see, I have been lied to in the past. (yeah, who hasn’t – you may be thinking). And yeah while the lies were quite some time ago, to this day, every day, I suspect I’m being lied to still. And when you find you’re actually pretty neurotic generally and prone to anxiety as it is, it makes you question everything all the more. I always feel like I get ‘gut feelings’. Senses that I’m being lied to. And because when i was lied to before, and i had those ‘gut feelings’ then, and it turned out those gut feelings were in fact TRUE, and I WAS liked to… It makes things very confusing for me to get my head around.

So is it my intuition telling me I’m being lied to, or is it just my anxiety getting a grip of my head and projecting outwards on to the other person so that i see the anxiety in them WHICH could either be because they are guilty or because they hate being questioned? Which is more likely?  I’m constantly switching from both minds and outlooks. And it makes things feel very dark.

You see what I mean, when I say i feel like there is something out to get me? Like there is bad in the world and bad around me and that i’m being deceived and soon i will end up in a dark downward spiral? Compared to the other side of me who loves life and wants the best for everyone and knows that everything is gonna work out regardless of what happens?

They are two very contrasting ways of thinking. It baffles me, and leaves me confused every day. It causes divides in my relationship more than anything. It drives me insane i swear, and uses all of my mental energy. Sometimes it goes on for hours. It feels like i have voices telling me that this person is lying, and everything adds up in the moment, and i literally go in to a bit of a panic and its stressful and sad and… always ends up in tears and a deep wave of guilt when i see i was not very nice again. When i see my anxiety took over… And the cycle continues.

I want to put my anxiety to sleep. I want to stop this fear of being lied to from controlling my life. I want peace of mind for more than just a day or two. But I don’t really see how. This my neurotic mind speaking again? Maybe a bit… But it sure does feel good to write it down. Today I feel on the edge of depression again. I feel it seeping back in. I am dreading the gym. I WAS dreading the day ahead. But there’s got to be a way of stopping this from getting out my hands. I have to take control. I want to change! I want to be a better, more optimistic, forgiving person. I want trust in my life. I want to BE the best, most strongest version of myself. I want to empower others too. I want to share my story, because I know, that surely, this stuff happening to me right now will turn out to be a lesson of some sort. I have to have the mindset of growth. I know I can and will grow. I have faith.

So where does this leave me right now? I’m not too sure. I guess I shall try looking at things from a more neutral perspective – by not getting so involved with my emotions.  i need to focus on what matters to me, and who i intend to become and what i want to, before i quickly assume that everything is fucked and going downhill and that i have no control over anything. I have control over me, at the end of the day. I choose what i say, and how much i dwell and focus on the negative thoughts. I choose whether i stay disciplined and true to my actual intentions – because no, i don’t WANT to be lied to, or see myself depressed and low. I am at my worst in those situations, and i know how much better i CAN be!!

So i wanna focus on the sunnier side today. What I am most grateful for right now is the sound of nature. I truly love it.

Maybe someone out there can relate to my mind and these situations i find myself in. I think sharing and being open about it is the best thing at times, to get things in perspective and to let others see it from their neutral perspective.

This is also day 3 of my daily blogging, lol, i’m doing it!!

It’s quite enjoyable actually.

Thanks for reading though, i appreciate it.

Louise x

I want to help people with fitness

It’s day 2. Yesterday was day 1. I wanna see if i can write a blog every day for a week. I set a 45 minute timer and BOOM start writing.

Really, I’m doing this not only to practise my writing skills, but also to test my discipline. I wanna actually follow though with this! I wanna share my ideas with the world, and blogging alongside Instagram and YouTube allows me to do this!

Discipline is such a major key component in life. Discipline to get yourself to do and follow through with the things you really don’t feel like doing. Because when you can master this you end up doing things you didn’t think you would or could! And the return on that is way more significant then giving in your urges to just skip the task or give up.

It applies to everything in life. Anything good that you could do requires a sacrifice of some sort. I can go on to relate this back to the fitness side of things because it is what i am very dedicated and disciplined to doing… but I always feel i do this. And although it is one thing telling people that they NEED to stay committed to a fitness goal they set out to do, by following through every day, i want to be the person who can actually HELP people with the fitness goal.

If you don’t know me or follow me on Instagram, then I just thought I’d let you know again that i live for fitness – fitness being strength training, and muscle building. I love it. I believe I am meant to be the strongest me!! But recently I was banned from filming in my home gym… wanna know why? Because a group of middle aged men started complaining about my existence there and also because i was filming myself.

Now filming myself in the gym was once something i was very scared to do, and it was once a fear i had to conquer and overcome by just DOING it by blocking out my fear of what people might think of me. And i did it!!! I was proud, and it served me well. I started filming not only to check my form when doing crucial lifts like squats, but also to post to Instagram to help people online!

BUT that all came to a halt when these men came along and started having a random, rather intense dislike towards me. You know, these men actually made me cry several times when i was in that gym. I felt victimised. They would all group up and talk behind my back, and stalk my social media, shout at me and get f**king aggressive towards me, alongside the complaints. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because I was a female lifting heavy in the gym? Something that I feel, is often regarded as a thing only men should be doing. In a way, it’s kinda feminism (a girl on Instagram told me this and said i should raise awareness of it by writing about it, well i’m doing that now! But it is another topic). I was the person in all of it though who was “punished” by being told i can’t film and i had to delete all of my videos that i had already created on my Instagram, in order to remain a member.. or else they will take away my membership. Even filming when there is no one else is in the gym was suddenly something i am no longer allowed to do!

Anyway, my inability to film my workouts for my followers really makes me feel limited and like i’m lying to people when I go on about fitness and having to just do it even when you don’t feel like it. But in reality it’s truth. I don’t always feel like it at all. But i always always always show up. Filming though is great content in itself, especially when i am always practising to get better at the exercises i do. “why don’t you change gyms?!” you might be thinking. Well, it’s complicated. I would, but a part of me really doesn’t want to. I have always loved that gym and it’s by far the most convenient for a girl who rides a bike AND i am going to be moving somewhere far, far away any time soon anyway.

So until i can film again (either i am forced to move gyms or i move), i still really want to help people with fitness! Because the pictures of my body that i post online is far more than just pictures. Having a film i feel actually shows people how my body looks, and it shows people how i get the body i have, and the things i do day in and day out – which isn’t easy or even fun a lot of the time.

But i had this miraculous idea the other day about things i COULD start doing, which is making videos of me answering fitness questions I have received in the past. Because I have had a few, and although whenever I ask people to ask me questions, no one really asks, I seem to get them randomly hear and there. And from actually listening to what these people wanna know, i have gathered that i can answer them, in the hope that more questions will come as a result.

I know this blog as been a bit of a ramble and I’m sorry about that, but my discipline with it so far has proceeded 2 days (yay). I wanted to also just tell you guys why I no longer film in this current time period, and that soon i will be again. I also just wanted to say again that practise and discipline will get you where you wanna be. You have got to be persistent. I say that a lot because it’s true – there is no one word easy route answer to achieving something worthwhile and amazing!

Any how, i wanna know some questions you have about fitness. I will be posting this on my Instagram etc. a bit more when i actually start uploading videos of me answering questions to get the ball rolling a bit, but until then if you’re reading this or have got this far through, you get a head start 😉

Thank you though for reading guys. I will talk tomorrow!! And remember to keep persistent with all of your desires… there is no other formula quite like a good bit of persistence.

Louise x





Your Phone Is Addictive, OK

Hi Guys, Girls, Peeps

Lets talk today about phones. They are addictive. End of.

Especially the ol’ social media!

Why am I saying this?

Well, because I saw this video on YouTube the other day about this very topic. It stunned me to watch, and although I already knew they were clearly addictive, I was still stunned and it got me thinking about my own addiction…

I’m not even joking when i say I’m addicted. I get my phone out and tap on Instagram without even thinking about it, and then can end up sitting there scrolling through it for a solid chunk of time without thinking, until I awaken from the addictive trance of ‘mind blocking’ and suddenly realise all the time I’ve wasted.

And this, inevitably, leads to guilt and frustration at myself – because I could have been doing something way more productive!

The reason this video I watched stunned me, was because I found that the creators of social media – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, to name a few of the commoners -make them addictive. Each time you go on the social media its like getting a dose of heroin.  This is because the rewards (i.e. likes and comments) you receive are like the highs you get. And if you’re not posting, then you’re able to see what everyone else is up to. It lights up your brain in the same way it would if you took drugs, basically.

Something about it, is addictive. I see and feel the addiction in myself! And it makes me sad. They made it addictive to keep you on it. They set algorithms so that you see more of the things you like, so that you stay on it. And because so many people who post only reveal the highlights of their lives, so many people end up sitting there comparing themselves to people online and feeling like they aren’t good enough! Or people simply can’t stop and put the phone down, and as a result nobody ever truly gets a taste of peace and silence anymore. It’s all noise noise noise – in your head. When you’re on your phone scrolling, it puts you in some kind of a trance. It’s like you’re on drugs. That’s why I always describe it as ‘mind-blocking’ – because that’s what it does! For me anyway!

It affects your sleep too, for gods sake! The amount of sleepless nights I’ve had all down to going on my phone before bed… is… I dunno, I don’t even like to think about it because it’s ridiculous. And despite me saying this, SO MANY PEOPLE DO IT! I mean yeah, it’s your choice, but if you wanna grow in to a stronger better version of yourself, you NEED sleep!! You also need time to just think – about stuff other than other people online.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about this because it’s been pretty prevalent in my mind recently. The amount of time wasted on social media is something I am really trying to cut down majorly, so that I can get more done in my life and feel more clarity.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I’m talking only of the negative aspects of social media here, which doesn’t mean I don’t think its a great tool for anyone to use – to share their thoughts, post pictures, interact with people all over the world, and help people too!! It’s amazing! I mean bodylovemind wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Instagram.

But I do also really wanna raise awareness of the addictive qualities of it too, because if you’re not aware… then you’ll end up sitting on your phone scrolling your entire life and wake up one day and realise you haven’t done anything you actually wanted.

I am slowly trying to cut down my consumption of the drug by keeping my phone away from my bed, and by going on it as little as possible during the first few hours of my day. I will also keep it away from me when I am doing work or put it on flight mode. I’m gonna find a way to turn off my notifications on Instagram and I’m certainly not going on it in bed, if I can help it. As well as this, although I like to share the best of me, with the best angles of me face (yep i don’t like one side of my face), I still really do wanna keep it real. Showing my authentic self online is something that has expanded me and allowed me to grow in confidence, and i want other people to feel like they can do the same. On my story for example, I don’t care if i’m not wearing make up, just got out the gym and my eyes are black from smudged make up, or I just generally look a bit off. What’s important to me is showing up every day, sharing my thoughts, and showing my face to the world regardless of how it looks. Because really, who’s to judge? And if they do, then really, are they even trying themselves?

There is no need to live in a world of constant comparisons and feeling like we need to be perfect, because how is that really ever going to benefit anyone? That’s why I’m so drawn to the idea of becoming my strongest, best, most authentic self – because that’s where true happiness lies. It is about growth, and knowing you have flaws, and accepting them, yet knowing that you also have awesome qualities. It’s about working on the flaws you can change, and learning to accept the ones you can’t, and not being afraid of it.

I want people to see that nobody is perfect, okay, like come on, we all know this!! Comparing yourself to people online is literally the key to unhappiness! And so is getting high on an app on your phone which has so little ROI (return on investment).

Remember how precious your time actually is. And these apps are all fighting for your attention, so that they can use your time, and make money!

Ask yourself, am I using my phone to do things i need to do, or is my phone using me?

You have a choice in it all at the end of the day. And you can cut the addiction by gradually cutting it out! Just for some peace of mind, you know? Just to feel free mentally and not feel like you have to be there every second of the day on the other end of every single notification. You’re more than that! And that’s just plain tiring.

What are your thoughts on this?

I’d love love love to hear, please leave your comments down below. I’d much appreciate them!

Louise x