Go To Heaven

Lets just call this one: go to heaven.

Because I wanna go to heaven. But you see, heaven is already right inside of you!

You have a gift. Your unique talents go far beyond what  meets the eye. This is something I forget about myself at times, too. This is because its very easy to get caught up in the drama of our own thinking minds, that we forget the very present moment that is here 100% of the time. THAT present moment, is your heaven.

What i love about writing is that i can just allow it to flow. Things i could say bubble to the surface.

That’s the secret with blogging you just write what comes to your head 😛

You are allowed to speak your truth and express yourself creatively, because that’s what you are meant to do. You have creative talents that are waiting to be unleashed, but you hold them back by thinking you are scared and by worrying that you’re not good enough to do so, and by wondering what people will think.. but at the end of the way who even cares what they think because in reality everything outside of you is just something inside of you. There is no out there, it is all a reflection of your own inner world, believe it or not.

I have been reading and listening to a lot of audio-books and books recently about the law of attraction and manifesting and setting intentions and stuff. The thing that i have found that holds me back a lot is the subconscious imitations that are wired deeply within my mind that are controlling all the moves. When we feel fear and doubt and worry and we don’t know what to think we are tapping in to those fear based thoughts. It’s habitual though, because we have always done it, and fear is the one thing we are  brainwashed in to believing we should focus on.

But ever thought about the fact that the world is a kind loving place? This is a perspective i’m constantly trying to maintain. I wanna release all my negative limiting beliefs because i know its the way in which i am going to be able to become the person i know i can be. These are the obstacles we must face and conquer if we ever want to get anywhere. We all have them believe it or not, but that doesn’t have to mean we can’t overcome them. This is something i am learning to accept. Because it is cray to think i hold myself back! But i am sorry and i love you…

What is more necessary is coming back to a more neutral place of thinking. i very regularly get caught up in a negative thought pattern cycle. I literally feel it emerging. And you have a choice to either latch on to it or move past it by thinking a better thought.  This is the difficult part when things around you are not how you want them to be. But something i’ve very recently learnt is to say: i love you.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

It is part of the ho oponopono technique. I intend to learn more about this some day!

Say it all the time, whenever there are problems surfacing in your experiencing. Know that there is something within you causing them. Understand that you are unconsciously causing the problem and therefore by saying i love you, sorry and thank you, you are giving your power over to your higher self to clear and clean the negative energy and thoughts causing it.

love and light always





How to reduce anxiety

I really feel that at times you just need to go outside in to a field and think out loud.
Truly express how you feel.

Those gut emotions. allow them to flow.
There is a releasing in doing so.
The anxiety you feel is something that needs to be felt and acknowledged. Sadly at times anxiety isn’t something you can just get rid of.
But i am a firm believer that getting outside and seeing things from a broader perspective, moving your body and being with the calm distant sound of nature, can alleviate the feelings and the intensity.

There needs to be a way that you can channel that energy, too. You may find that writing off the top of your head and allowing the words to flow helps you.
Or conversely you may find that running or working out allows you to release that tension.

Sometimes eating can also help with anxiety. I have often found recently that despite me generally eating a higher number of carbs, eating something fatty (healthy fats, like nuts) can help me feel a little better. On the contrary, some foods might even trigger anxiety. For example with me, today and last night actually, I ate some dark chocolate and my heart has not stopped racing! I was also unable to sleep last night.
I’m not sure if this is down to the chocolate totally, and obviously the things going on in my life are the reason I am experiencing anxiety. But it is definitely something you can take in to consideration.
If you ever notice an increase in anxiety after eating certain food, there may well be a correlation, no matter how strange it may be. Our bodies each work very differently and respond differently to different chemicals depending on whats going on in our bodies and minds.

Anxiety is typically the result of not ‘trusting the process of life’.

It’s when you are feeling apprehensive about a certain situation or a future outcome. It might also be about something you have to make a decision about, or something you are unsure about. It is a natural mechanism within us, which helps us determine whether we are safe and what not. But at the same time, it can be a disruptive element of some peoples life, because as i said, it’s not the easiest thing to get rid of or control

But what i do really feel, is that in some way it is connected to the thoughts you are thinking, and as i said, ‘trusting the process of life’. That’s why when i am overly anxious, saying to myself “i trust the process of life” can somewhat help. This is because it puts things in to perspective for me, and shows me that whatever happens, will happen. Either way, my life is unfolding exactly as its meant to, and no amount of worry, stress or anxiety about the outcome of things is really going to change anything, other than make you feel more fearful.

There is no need to fear your anxiety or feel as though it is this angry demon inside of you trying to control your life. You have to remember that you are divine loving energy, and that spirit is here to guide you. There is nothing out to hurt you, only a perception of this. When people say ‘anxiety attack’, it makes it sound as though anxiety is something outside of you that is trying to intentionally cause you harm. But if we can look at it from a more compassionate and balanced perspective, we can see that it is all inside of us.
Anxiety is like an emotion, just like love or anger. Anxiety is like our uncertainty arising within us. It is the trust we do not see when we look at the broader perspective of our lives. But anxiety is simply a sign that we are not thinking thoughts which are for our highest selves. We are instead allowing the ego within us to take control of our emotions and feel that we are in some way endangered. This is why i feel that going out for a walk can totally set you free from this mental battle we find ourselves in, so that we can look at everything with a clearer mind, and listen to things around us rather than just our own thoughts.

I know that whatever you’re going through serves as a lesson or a blessing. As long as you focus on your higher self, and see your anxiety as a companion and a way your body and mind is processing things around you, you can take back your power and learn to channel that energy and/or visualise the way you would love things to work out. Try to focus on the best that could happen, rather then the worst. Yet either way, try not to place too much expectations on things, because you don’t know exactly how things will work out. Just know that either way, it will be for the greater good for all. You are, loving energy, after all.


Emotional Detachment

I take things to heart. I over think messages. I over think my messages. I over think the things i say, the way i am…. the way people are. But i know this is useless.

You see in other people the things in yourself. You block people emotionally with your lack of self worth.

So i just wanted to say to anyone out there who feels in a sticky situation like i always do: you have control. 

You can’t have control over every situation and how things play out, but what you can control is your thoughts. You are always somewhere on the emotional scale.

Stop dreaming girl. You are one with the universe. You are the creator of your universe. Love yourself and let go and you will see love everywhere. You are God in action.

You are in the control of the way you think and feel, the world is universal and insightful.
Despite how things are it doesn’t mean you cannot see the world with the eyes of a beautiful goddess female who is detached from the opinions of others.
You don’t need another persons approval when you have your own.

You love you and you are you and that’s all that matters.
If people wanna be in your life they will come in to your life, because you are a good person and there is no way that you are not a good person, and you can so literally get in to the continuous flow of always being at one with yourself and recognising your worth regardless of the situation, because you are not accustomed to anyone’s opinion, you are literally the sum of your own understanding and thoughts and you are worthy beyond belief.

You have a purpose on this planet and with that you must fulfil, because it is the way to enlightenment, so do the things that you love and don’t let anyone else get in the way of that. Have a relationship with yourself like no other and i promise your other relationships will thrive.
You are not a slave to anyone but you are the journeyer of your life, so see with your eyes and hear with your ears and use your emotions to guide you on the stream of life.

You are always flowing down stream to everything you desire. So Swing in the jungle don’t be attache to anyone or anything because you came here with nothing and you will leave with nothing.

You are an individual being with nothing to be attached to you. You are just you and no one else defines who you are or how you feel or what you do because it is down to you.

You can leave a situation and you can start again. Each new day is a start of a fresh new beginning and a new opportunity and everything unfolds the moment you set an intention for the day, and so what did i want today…
i want to feel creative and at one with myself, and i want to love myself the way other people don’t necessarily openly show me so that i have no void to fill so that people don’t feel like a burden in my life that annoy me when they don’t do things as i expect them to, because you cant have expectations – they only lead to disappointment.

So let go of expectations and flow in the life that is given to you every moment of every day and you will find joy, because joy is your natural birthright, there is no doubt about that.
You are simply joyful and full of life and people love you and you attract in your life the people and circumstances that are meant to be there which is simply beautiful, because you cant ever go wrong. All you need to do is control what you think about and make yourself feel better by choosing thoughts that always feel better than the thoughts from before, because then you are going up the emotional scale and will be able to conceive things from a new perspective.

You are innately you and that’s who you are meant to be,  remember how beautiful you are when you feel down and remember that you can always express yourself fully – don’t hold back.

You are the one with the power.

There is no limit to exercise

What exercise do you think of when you consider trying to lose weight?

If ‘running’ came to mind, lemme tell you something…

For years, running was the only exercise I ever thought of too (apart from maybe sit ups)

It was the only exercise which made up so many activities in school, it was the thing I did in sports day, it was just the overall exercise of life. People would say “I wanna get fit, let’s go for a run”, or if I was ever bored my mum would say “why don’t you go for a run”. I was also told as a young girl that I was a really good runner! So naturally, I believed running was the go to thing, and the only exercise.

The gym was something I remember once thinking “I would never go to” – simply because of the price, and because no way could I work out in front of people . And so running remained the only exercise I could possibly do if I wanted to get fit

But, what if you don’t really enjoy running?
When you don’t enjoy something, it’s hardly likely you’ll want to do it every day on your own accord. You don’t have that enthusiasm. There are a lot of people who don’t like running,.. not to say running is a bad exercise, but to those people who don’t, running doesn’t have to be where your exercise attempts end.

Early in my fitness journey I discovered HIIT Training (high intensity interval training). This involved a lot of body weight exercises like press ups, squat jumps and burpees. They give the same, if not a better, cardio effect like running gives you! From the results I was getting with HIITS I discovered that I could include weights in my workouts. This further increased the amount I was burning, while also giving me a very ‘toned’ look (paired with the fact that my eating habits had done a 360 degree turn)

Adding variety and efficiency in to your workouts can completely change the game for you, as it did for me. You don’t have to be using heavy weights, and running for hours to get results. But tweaking things up, and finding different ways to move your body can help you find enjoyment and stay committed to exercising!

Moral of the story? Never be afraid to try something different and completely out of your zone of comfort!! You never know where it may take you, or what you could end up achieving…


You’re stronger than you think

Don’t just rush the process away. Be in the process

Notice the beauty of the process.

You may be feeling anxious as hell, caught up in your fears, worrying about your health, that people are following you home. You lay in your room at night, feeling trapped. But you listen to your breath. You watch it, you follow it, and suddenly things feel calmer.
Your anchor, your point of steadiness. The continuous flow of the breath. Always there to connect you back to your higher self.

Remember anxiety is the ego trying to protect itself.
Remember there is nothing out to get you

All there is is your thoughts and your perceptions

You race home, its dark outside. There is a dark shadow behind you, they came from a car out of nowhere, and now they seem to be charging towards you…

They whistle a few times. You shine your light on them a few times. Yet it’s impossible to fully make them out or where they are. They seem to have just disappeared in to the black night. But all of a sudden they’re closer…

Your heart pounding, breath heavy, eyes focused on nothing but darkness.

It’s impossible to know what to do in this situation, so of course instincts take over and i just walk home quickly. But the truth is, i didn’t actually want to go back home. I wanted to stay out walking a bit more. I felt the need to walk. Still, it happens for a reason, right?

I come back inside and start contemplating my life. Why do i live in such fear all the time? I got in to my room and started worrying about closing my eyes because of the thought of waking up to a thousand spiders crawling around me. Fears like these, deep rooted in the back of my mind, from stories to experiences, all come alive when i am anxious. Why is this so?

Anxieties can control us. They can keep us trapped in a false notion of fear. They can destroy us inside. Suck us dry of productivity and focus.

But have you ever tried to actually transmute that energy?

When you’re feeling totally anxious, try getting out a notebook or your laptop and writing it down. Turn it in to a blog. Or go to someone elses social media and leave them a kind comment. Take the attention away from everything in your head. Allow things to come out of you on to the page. See the words for what they are.


You’re stronger than you think.



The Starting Point

Hello peeps,

So I’m writing today to announce the release of my first eBook: “The Starting Point.

I’ve been working on it for months, and felt it’s finally time to just jump and go and share!

The intention behind this eBook is to help those in a similar situation to the one I found myself in before I began working out and living a healthful life. It delivers the kind of questions i would get stuck on, and elaborates in to further detail across all the topics.

My handle being @bodylovemind, serves as means to help those with an open mind and a willingness to gain insight and direction to not only change their physical body, but also their mind. This is because I believe the body IS the mind – a reflection of the mind. Therefore, focusing solely on changing the body is only one part of the equation. I feel that if your mindset, i.e your thoughts and the way you perceive the world, is still one of self loathe and negativity, then changing your body is going to be far more difficult than you’d think. The thoughts we have are literally reflected back to us in the physical world.

I therefore want to raise awareness of the concept of the mind through this eBook, by demonstrating how connected it is. As well as this, the decisions we make shape our results and our outcomes. I therefore go in to detail about the type of food that I feel is best to eat, for physical development and growth. You decide what you put in to your body, which is why it’s fundamental that what you are eating is like medicine for your body, rather than poison. As well as this, it is our habits which propel us. They either bring us closer to, or steer us further away from our aspirations and desires. It takes your decisions to perform and develop habits that serve as fundamental pathways to get to where you want to go. But they require discipline, and courage, and most importantly belief.

As well as this, I discuss the body.

Since I feel weight loss/fat loss is something a lot of people struggle with, I talk about the ways I feel fat is best lost and dealt with – through personal experience. I then extend beyond this and talk about the metabolism and how yours could be affecting your ability to lose fat, which leads to the topic of weight lifting and building muscle.

Although there isn’t and never will be a one word answer for your fitness struggles, such as fat loss, it doesn’t mean you don’t have control and the power of your mind and decisions to make something like fat loss happen. I therefore also discuss the gimmicks you should avoid because following those paths of ‘quick results’ and least resistance only drives you down the rabbit hole of never ending failed attempts.

I wanna teach you how to actually rewire your mind and your brain to see in your mind that only you have control of the steering wheel. There isn’t anything outside of you (apart from healthy food) which is going to help you become fitter and healthier. The work and the changes you make (and keep consistent with) WILL proceed results! I am proof of that!

This is why I also created an extension to the main eBook called “Rewiring Your Mind for Success“. Here I go in to further detail about the mind itself, and how you can work with it for your success, rather than for your failures.

Although your mind has been wired in such a way that has caused you to feel unable to change in the past, the future is bright for you. Read this eBook and discover what is holding you back. Consider why those things are holding you back. Make those decisions that you have control over to change, and I would be more than happy to keep you accountable!!

You can also keep yourself accountable! With the “Weekly Review” which is also available for a small price, you are able to go through the questions each week to monitor where you are at and what you want to do the following week to bring you a little closer to where you want to be. It’s a great tool!

Visit the link down below to download:



see you on the other side 🙂




Confidence / anxiety in the gym

Anxiety during the gym:



Self doubting


Stops you from wanting to workout at times

Feeling judged /& targeted idk how to put it

Confidence in the gym

It’s okay … not because saying “it’s okay” is simple, but because of a few things, it is okay and will be okay, because:

Everyone in there is there for their own reason. Probably to improve their health and fitness – you’d imagine. You belong, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t either.

And because no one was born in a gym not everyone is just “used” to the environment instantly. It can be nerve wrecking. For some more so than others. But particularly if you’re social anxiety prone, and feeling low in confidence.

Yet some, like myself, still have it a lot despite attending the same gym for 1-2 years.

It totally depends on the situation too.

Obviously at times you feel less anxious than others. Some times you feel good and confident and strong. But we’re trying to get to the parts when we’re not feeling confident, or anxious.

Pay attention to the situation around you; is there more people than usual? WHO is around you? What are they displaying back to you? Get in tune with your senses, you know? And while you’re at it transmute that energy in to your workout. Remember why you’re there…

Put some headphones in too, it helps you to stay more focused “in my opinion”

At the same time, you wanna have a plan of when you’re doing. Set yourself a workout to get through. And progress further each time you go in there.

But just remember, regardless of what happens and what the situation is, you CAN still do it

Be brave

You’re strong


Stop with the excuses

You need to just stop with the excuses
You are your only block!

You’re the one thing stopping you from changing everything for yourself

You need to stop focusing on things that don’t serve you in anyway. Things that aren’t relevant.

You’re pouring all your energy in to the excuses! Can’t you see??
What good does it do? It does none, because it just keeps you stuck where you are

You aren’t able to go forward when you are allowing the voice in your head to stop you from moving. You are not able to move when you allow yourself to be chained to your excuses!!

Excuses are only there because it is difficult or you can’t be bothered or it’s scary

But do you not think that anything that is worth doing is going to be difficult??
Otherwise, it would be easy. And everyone would do it. And you would have done it by now! See you know this stuff already. You KNOW what you have to do.

So why don’t you take the action?
Why can’t you be bothered?
What is making you feel this way?
Is it that you don’t actually care about changing??

No of course not. But you only care when it’s convenient for you

I’m sorry though, but you cannot build something in a day. It won’t happen when you just do a few things that are easy and un-stressful here and there. You have to go all in and do the things you also don’t feel like doing. Because yes, nothing is going to happen if you don’t. But all that will happen, is that you will remain the same. You will remain in the same position to the one you are in right now. Only difference is, time passes, and as time passes you can carry on making the excuses. You CAN. It’s so easy to do so.

But wait a minute… excuses are easy… in a way
They get you out of the situation and temporarily it feels good
It’s like a self fulfilling prophecy

But when it comes down to it, you’re actually just going against yourself

You’re going with the excuses
You aren’t doing whats right for you
You aren’t listening to your gut…

So yes, while it may be scary and difficult, it doesn’t have to be a case of you betraying yourself

You can pick yourself out of the slump of worry and fear and just plain excuses

Just try

For me, for you, for the greater good for all

Because your lack of trying is only a disservice to everyone and everything
– and obviously most predominantly yourself

Why would you wanna do that?


Check this out to elevate you closer to where you wanna be physically and mentally.


Expressing depression

Before i allow the chains of my mind to creep in i just want to EXPRESS how i feel because right now recently i don’t feel like i am expressing enough and by not expressing i get DEPRESSED.

Depression in Louise Hays book is ‘not feeling like you have the right to be angry’, and i can see this, because i feel like this. I want my life to change but i feel like i shouldn’t be angry about this because i am meant to be the one in control. i know i should appreciate what i have right now and use what i can to do what i want right now. But something holds me back from this and i cant seem to find the energy to get up and do something when i don’t have any direction… what is direction though? am i over emphasising it? am i being too closed?

Why do i need direction? i just wanna feel purposeful and progressing and taking control, but by thinking in this way i just feel like i’m forever waiting. and when i’m forever waiting i end up never doing anything. when i don’t do anything i never even progress. and when i don’t progress depression continues. but that’s not what depression is though and as i was saying it’s like i don’t have the right to feel this anger and frustration about life that i am feeling right now.

I feel like i am waiting for my life to start.

And this was kinda the epiphany i had yesterday. i don’t know why the depression takes over me so strong but i guess that is how it is. but still, i need a way to express myself and release this anger and frustration and doubt and unfaithfulness and depression and i’m not giving up on myself just because i don’t know what to do and that’s what i need to remember. Maybe i could just flow with my feelings instead…

but that only makes me feel worse. because my feelings are so pitiful and low and low energy. i NEED energy. wheres my energy. i’m so tired. my body is tired and so is my mind and my eyes and i’m thirsty. i’m thirsty for inspiration and for joy

i just want to live in harmony with myself and be happy with who i am and enjoy every moment because i do have freedom and i can say what i want and i will become stronger as i go through, but i cant keep focusing on then when there is now.

you know sometimes life really does feel pointless to me.

Ok stop its ok. its okay you can say anything.


what do you do with it??



I just wanna type because that’s all i ever seem to be doing nowadays
But i love it. I enjoy writing
More than i used to
So you know what? I’m gonna just write some kind of a story…

Sapphire strong, the female superman. The woman of strength. Of wonder and of fearlessness. She heads to the courtroom as she rests her case. She’s been attacked again. Another man out to get her. They want her powers. They hate seeing such a strong female taking over the world. But still, they can’t help but watch in awe, as she lifts 400lbs off the ground. Effortlessly. Her muscles booming, her body respiring. Her eyes steady and focused. Not a glimpse of pain crosses her face. Just sheer determination, and a glow from the heat. Her legs tremble as they grow – bigger, better stronger – taking on the weight every day. Her hands sting as they bleed. But still, you can see in her eyes the commitment. Her undeniable determination to prove these motherfuckers wrong! No one, not anyone will stand in her way.

A woman like this? She has a mission. If it takes all of the energy left inside of her, there is no way this mission could ever go unfinished. Til the day she dies, her body, mind and soul will work to become everything she is capable of. She wants to empower those around her. She wants to uplift as she lifts. She plans to transform the world around her. Where did this powerlessness she sees among her long gone peers emerge from?

She looks around at the shattered dreams before her. Like litter on the pavements, thrown to the side, the missions of loved ones long gone from their minds.

They’ve become entangled within the mess of humanity and civilisation. They lost the freedom of thought! How on earth? I just don’t know. But these people fail to recognise every single day what they are up against. They long for contentment, yet no one craves the spontaneity anymore. Where did the excitement go? What happened to the passion?

Have you ever looked back and noticed exactly where your dream died? Like the time when you got given a disgusted look off someone when you were a child, because you were looking at yourself lovingly in the mirror. Or when someone told you art and creativity doesn’t make you a living.

We take what we hear from these adults because they are older and ‘wiser’ – and sure, these people only hope to give you the best of advice from the experiences they’ve had. They wanna make sure you stay safe and okay. But the truth is, what is safe? If safe is certainty then where does real life truly lie? What IS real life?

Life isn’t necessarily all about safety and security. Life is about finding your inner joy. Because your security could die out in the blink of an eye if you were to lose your house or your job. But that passion in your heart – that remains. You may call me crazy but I simply can’t seem to find anything that makes me happier. Forget about the dream they teach you to have. You have to go back to those times when nothing else mattered, and all you had were your thoughts.

Where did the thoughts go? Where did the imagination go? What happened to your aspirations, your wildest dreams? The things you thought about on those long car journeys? Where, among the shattered dreams, did you lose yours?

OKay this isn’t really a story and it turned in to me just talking but just you wait, one day this will be an actual story…

until then…

cya super girl